Feb 11, [1920?] From:        To:        
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Clarence S. Darrow
Peter Sissman
George M. Popham
Victor S. Yarros
William L. Carlin

Central 925

Feby 11th

Dear Paul

     Your letter was duly received.  I had not been called on by Noyes & Jackson.  Sorry you had to take up the stuff but I presume it made no difference.  I have been thinking that this is a wonderful time to buy stocks.  I think R.R must go higher C. & N.W. on a 09% basis W.P. the same & all the [?] about alike.  I have sent $2000? so far on the American T & T for which I paid 97 5/8 and is now 96 1/2 . this has [showed?stood?] up fine[.]  What do you think of me sending 1000? more & buying 50 C & N.W. or U.P. or some thing else of the same sort.  I could of course take care of it without trouble.  I have been disappointed in some money I expected to get but have pleanty in sight (I mean enough)[.]  You might write Me your views as soon as you get this.  I will get answer on Monday[.]  How are things looking for [?].  I assume you havent picked up any more electric.  Take care of your health if any thing happened you I would be in a [?] of a fix[.]