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Darrow, Sissman, Popham & Carlin
1310, 140. N. Dearborn St.

Clarence S. Darrow
Peter Sissman
George M. Popham
Victor S. Yarros
William L. Carlin

Central 925

Jan 29

Dear Paul.

     It is about time I sent you a letter.  I really over looked that matter for Billy Hayden & now I havent the information[.]  Send me the mans name where he works & where he lives & I will do it at once.  I have sent your letter about the coal business to John Walker, head of the miners of this state.  It looks to me O.K.  Will let you know when I hear from him.
     Your Dec. statement was disappointing & I am afraid things will not improve much without a reduction of coal & perhaps of price of gas.  I have no doubt it is due to the bad times out there.
     I was in N.Y. soon after returning & took dinner with Daugherty in his new house on top of one of the tall buildings down by the battery.  It is a swell looking place.  Talked with him some about Greeley.  He is very friendly evidently relies a good deal on the Colorado man who was former secretary of the Denver Gas Co. & is now one of his organization.  I doubt if I get to the South seas this winter as I shall probably go into the defense of the [?] cases & it will no doubt take 6 months.  Am xxx still watching the weather reports & hoping you will
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get some cold weather but think you are doing well in the coal.  I found Ruby had bought a second hand copy of dangerous ages while I was away, so you keep that[.]  Shall ship those books in a few days.

Love to all