May 7, [1922?] From:        To:     
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Darrow, Sissman, Popham & Carlin
1310, 140 N. Dearborn St.

Clarence S. Darrow
Peter Sissman
George M. Popham
Victor S. Yarros
William L. Carlin

Central 925

May 7th

Dear Paul

     I have not written you since I left the boat but have been intending to from day to day.  Just now I am thinking about an other vacation and also about the gas business which we somewhat had together in this way.  I am anxious to get the company where it is making money if possible, both in your account and mine.  I dont know whether any thing more can be done or not in this direction.  I had a nice talk with Baehr the other day, he is just as much interested as ever and willing to do anything that can be done.  He says he will have a physical report made on the property at any time we want and make no charge beyond expenses and that he is satisfied it will show up good, from $300 000 to $400 000?  probably as well now as it ever will until considerable more is put into it.  I have also talked with Mr. [?] who is Baehrs main finance man? a good fellow & former banker and with Baehr who has sold a large amount of their bonds and stock.  Baehr has reached out and now has a lot of places told me he was worth about 750 000. and also that he would do most any thing that could be done on our property.  All these fellows said that every one was now hungry for bonds.  It is hard to get good issues & prices have gone up fast.  You know this is [true?].  They said that there would be no trouble to dispose of an issue up to $150 000? without discounting more than 05%.  Baehr is Now a director in a bond company and I think his company would take them.  Of course we could not sell more than seemed fairly [saffe?] on a [basis ?] of earnings, and we wouldnt want to[.]
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In this way we could get our money out and probably enough xxx to improve it?  This would give us a chance to put some money xxx  into a bank or something else then if you wanted to & probably make it better & easier for you.  I think something like this should be looked into.  I am also inclined to believe that now something could be done with Dougherty as money is so much easier.  My intention has been to come out for a while about July first perhaps bringing Ruby[.]  Still I have been thinking of an other scheme.  If you could be spared for three or four weeks you could all come here.  Your mother will be back about May 15th and she will be wanting to see you either there or here and it would cost no more for all of you to come here, as we can take care of you than to go there, and xxx it would be much better.  The R R rates are less than they were, and I xxx would be glad to get the transportation for all of you here and back and then it would cost no more than for all of us to go there.  I am sure you would have a good time and if you can be spared you ought to do it.  Of course if something came up to call you xxx back you could go at any time.  If you came you should probably make it as soon as possible as you could most likely get away easier.  If you are coming soon better wire me, xxx so I could send word to your mother to be here.  I would like mighty well to have you all come.  We would have a good time and I think it would pay.  There is nothing else particularly new[.]  Have not been quite so busy probably on account of my long absence, but wouldnt care much for this if we had matters there in shape.  My book will be out about June 1st and I want to write an other one this summer.  Let me know what you think ?Love to all