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Darrow, Sissman, Holly & Carlin
1310, 140 N. Dearborn St.

Clarence S. Darrow
Peter Sissman
William H. Holly
Victor S. Yarros
William L. Carlin

Central 925

July 12

Dear Paul

     Was glad to get your letter & glad to see the increased earnings & customers.  It looks good now.  I am also glad you are going into Jacobs bank.  I want you to be a director if it is fixed right and I also want you to be President soon, and I would go in with the idea of doing that as soon as possible.  If you get that place, you will naturally get a consolidation with the Electric by force of gravity.  You should also take it easier get some one to help on details.  Spend more time on big things & less on little ones.  I am leaving in about an hour[.]  Will notify you further where you can get me if needed.  If your mother needs any extra money let her have it & I will Make good on My return.