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Darrow, Sissman, Holly & Carlin
1310, 140 N. Dearborn St.

Clarence S. Darrow
Peter Sissman
William H. Holly
William L. Carlin
Victor S. Yarros

Central 925

Dec 4

Dear Paul

     I have been away a good deal lately trying to beat the new constitution which will be voted on the 12th [.]  I think we will beat it.
     Your report was mighty good for Oct. especially the net which is important[.]
     I have got my note in the bank paid so I can no doubt help if you need it.
     I am to speak in Denver on the 24th of Dec.  Shall arrive there in the morning unless I go direct to Greeley.  If I go there first will wire you & you ought come down & call for me at Savoy.  Shall speak for the Open Forum.  Am not sure whether afternoon or evening.  You can find out by writing Judge [?].  Can stay only a short time probably until the 30th .