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Aug. 4th

Dear Paul

     I suppose you know that the case will be decided the tenth of this month.  I am very hopeful that I will win, but may not[.]  Will send you 25 copies or more if you want as soon as it is ready which will be in a few days.  If we win I shall go away for a little time & later go out to Colorado, but have your mother stay as long as she wishes.  Any how it will be some time before I go.  If we loose shall probably stay here for a while to figure out something else to do, but I do not really expect to loose.  Cant just see how the judge can beat us[.]
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I think you are having a good year & I presume you will continue making a better showing than last year.  I had a visit with Davis for about an hour yesterday.  He is a fine fellow:  he seems thoroughly [?] and speaks [square ?] out and has a good sense of humor.  He is to be in Denver the 11th. & I told him I was going to have you call if you could get up there.  You will find with him no doubt Jack Nevine who is one of my best friends & who will be delighted to see you.  I think you will find it worth while to go up.



Tell the girls there was a paper here that had my picture in last month[.]