Mar 26, [1925?] From:        To:        
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Cable Address 'Montbel' New York
Telephone Murray Hill  5400

Hotel Belmont
Forty-Second Street And Park Avenue

John McE. Bowman, President
James Woods, Vice President

March 26

Dear Paul

     Yesterday I took lunch with three of the managers of the Dougherty crowd.  They had been thinking of the matter and were fairly well posted.  I explaned the situation fully and they said that of course the xxx plant was in what they called their territory and they wanted it, and were willing to pay a fair price for it.  They are all very friendly to us.  To sum it up they said the matter of purchase would xxx be taken up with you within ten days and they hoped that it could be put through.  I said nothing about price.  Of course
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I am anxious to see it done if it can be done on a reasonable basis.  If they do not see you before the time you are coming to Chicago I will write the days you will be absent.  Shall be in Chicago xxx by April 1st [.]