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Law Offices
Darrow, Smith, Cronson & Smith

Clarence Darrow
William W. Smith
Berthold A. Cronson
Milton D. Smith
William L. Carlin

Chicago Temple Building
77 W. Washington Street
Telephone Central 4151

Feby 6

Dear Paul

     I suppose I shall hear from you some time, but all right.  I bought 100 shares of C. & N.W. on the [ break ?] at 67?  and 100 Wabesh A. at 69.
     I am bound to try to write a book this summer & have determined to cut out every thing and take about 3 months at least 2[.]  Want to go away where there is a library.  Could go to Greeley.  If I come I want [?]  [?] sent of a good house or apartment as cool as possible in vicinity of the school[.]  Shall bring one fellow with me although he will not need to live with me.  Shall bring Marie to keep house and of course we need a fair amount of room & I feel that we ought not to crowd
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you, but we will have pleanty of chance.  If I didnt go there might go to Denver or Boulder, but think Greeley is just as good & I would prefer it[.]   Shall try to put in about four hours a day on the work.  And also want to do what Jacobs suggested so I will bring all my stuff[.]  What do you think about it.