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Law Offices
Darrow, Smith, Cronson & Smith

Clarence Darrow
William W. Smith
Berthold A. Cronson
Milton D. Smith
William L. Carlin

Chicago Temple Building
77 W. Washington Street
Telephone Central 4151

Nov. 9th

Dear Paul

     I just got back from ten days absence most of the time in Atlantic City where the Dr. advised me to go.  It did me a lot of good.  I am feeling very well now, but am not working.  I took in [?] while I was away and it paid my expenses and did me no harm.  I had a nice visit with Doherty Sunday.  He is very friendly.  He said if they bought the plant or sold us gas he wanted to make a deal that would be satisfactory to us.  He asked me to write a letter to him calling his attention to what he had told me and he would give directions to be consulted in any deal we made and also telling his men what he told me.  I spoke to him about the Electric company giving a lower rate for xxx than
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for anything else and he said he did not approve of it and wanted me to include a reminder of this in the leter but it seems to me I had better not mention this as it might make complications there.  However if we ever need to do it I wouldn't hesitate.  I know he is friendly, and he is also xxx very friendly to Meg Cochran who was there with me.  I shall not write him any thing until I hear from you.  I think you were lucky not to have a raise in your coal [?].  I was sory not to have seen your mother, when you get her address send it to me, and I will write her.  Too bad about Dick.  I presume you are getting rid of some more stocks as they are all doing.  I was very much pleased with the election all over the country[.]


In N.Y. I saw M K Dunn who said he was a class mate of yours in St. Louis[.]  I saw the two men whose names I enclose.  All wanted to be remembered to you[.]