Apr 27, [1927?] From:        To:        
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Cable Address 'Montbel' New York
Telephone Murray Hill  5400

Hotel Belmont
Forty-Second Street And Park Avenue

John McE. Bowman, President
James Woods, Vice President

April 27

Dear Paul

     When you get here I want you to get in touch with W.O. Thompson first.  You will find his office telephone in the directory.  If he is not there xxx ask the girl for his house telephone & you will get it.  I want you to meet some people here.  Thompson will also help you about getting rooms.  You should stay several days.  I wrote you about getting here the 9th & would like it, but of course I want you to consider your Mother first.



Thompson lives Warwick Hotel
65 W. xxx 54th St.  T says that in Washington there are several good hotels at reasonable rates on Capitol Hill near the Capitol building.  He stayed there at the xxx Capitol Park Hotel at reasonable rates.  In Washington I want you to call up Fred.  (over)
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Pasley? He is xxx [Heints ?] Man, & a very friend of mine.  He can put you in touch with some one who can show you the town or go himself.