Jul 21, [1927] From:        To:        
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Law Offices
Darrow, Smith, Cronson & Smith

Clarence Darrow
William W. Smith
Berthold A. Cronson
Milton D. Smith
William L. Carlin

Chicago Temple Building
77 W. Washington Street
Telephone Central 4151

July 21st

Dear Paul

     I really feel that we had better make a sale of the plant and probably it is not a bad deal.  Although if the feller comes Mr. Baer & I will try to raise him some.  Shall be interested to know how the Daugherty people feel,  but do not consider that it was really necessary to talk to them.  What I started to write about was that I order the Brazilian traction transferred to you & you will receive it soon[.]  This evening I see it quoted 168 to 169[.]  It jumps around a good deal and seems to me very high.  I would guess that is because some one is trying to get control.  Perhaps after getting it the price will go down.  I want you to use your own judgment on it.  Sell all or any when you think best and as you think best.  Perhaps it Might be well to wait a little so it wont look as if it is mine for income tax purposes.  I ordered it sent to you in [?] two 50 [?] [?].  I shall leave here about the 2d  of Aug. for Europe.  Stay there about 2 months.