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Clarence S. Darrow

Nov. 18th

Dear Paul

     Got your letter this Morning.  It looks as if the deal will go through.  Is that your idea about it!  I wrote Fred to have the bonds sent here and it will be done promptly.  Would like to know if you think it will be a sale.  If it is not I shall arrange to go and see you this winter.  Would go over the holidays but, I am to argue that case in Vermont on Jan 2d [.] Delivered a number of talks in the east, and am going back for a half dozen early in Dec.  I dont over work and take it easy.  Am not doing any law work except to take something every once in a while without going into court.  Am writing some (I think Jan  [?] will have a story)[.]  I read a good deal and loaf more and work some cross word puzzels.  Am feeling better than I have for a  year or more[.]
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Havent bought any stock later.  I wonder what has happened to Brazillian Traction.  It was quoted yesterday at 207 to 208.  Havent noticed today.  I got an autographed book from Thor Hardy, also one from [] Frazier, xxx  Arthur Kreth, and A E Hausman, which I will give you when you come, or when I go there.  Had fine visits with all of them.  Of course I am quite anxious for you to come here.  I am sure that we can sell the plant if Hazeltin doesnt take it[.]  Hope you wont tie yourself up out there.  I am sure you will enjoy life better here.