Dec 25, [1927] From:        To:        
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Cable Address "Montbel" New York
Telephone Murray Hill  5400

Hotel Belmont
Forty-Second Street And Park Avenue
New York

John McE. Bowman, President
James Woods, Vice President

Dec 25th

Dear Paul

     Have been tied up here in the trial of a murder case for two weeks.  The jury brought in a verdict of not guilty yesterday.  This is my last [afair?].  Am very glad you will be in Chicago by Jan 15th[.]  We will then arrange something.  The trip you propose is OK.  I wont go to Colorado now.  I wish you could get the house etc off your hands but suppose you cant.  After you get back we will determine what to do.  You can come to our building if you wish until some other plan is formed.  I shall not be back until
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about Jan 10th  after going to Vt -   If you want to write or wire I shall be at Freds   5 Woodside Road Winchester Mass.  I will see Harper this time[.]

C.S D.