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New York

En Route

Dear Paul

     Am on my way to N.Y. and will not be at home until after the 153.  The deal is going through[.]  The plant has been sold to the Natl Bank of the Republic of Chicago & they have the money.  Yesterday I made an xxx affidavit which [?] the [?] stock and also fixed up the bonds that Fred had.  The lawers representing the bank are friends of mine.  I told them to see W H Holly my old partner at 100 W. Monroe St & he would represent you & me if you were not there.  You can write him any further directions you wish.  It will be carried out all right.  The name is W.H. Holly ? 100 W Monroe.
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My address will be xxx xxx Belmont Hotel New York City.  I am glad the deal is going through, and hope you wont be kept there very long[.]