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Frederick N. Hamerstrom
5 Woodside Road
Winchester, Mass.

Jan 2d

Dear Paul

     This is the first letter for 1928. -  Am going from her to Vt in a day or two & will probably be in Chicago about Jan 9th..  You might send the $1000? which I paid for the bond Fred had, also the interest to Chicago reaching there about the 10th .  Fred will no doubt be able to repay before long.  He has not yet found a job but I am sure he will and he has some [?] mostly tied up in his house which he is trying to sell.  You might as well
[count?] the money in the mean time but I rather think that things are going down, so good bonds are about the best temporarily.  When we get together we can figure things out.
     I can not get away to go south before Feby 15th  so if you want to go then probably you had better go straight south from there and I will meet you somewhere around St. Petersburg Florida,  Which is less than a days drive from where your mother lives.  If on the whole you think it best to leave the children in school until spring, You could come
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to Chicago a while in Feby. Still any thing you figure out is all right[.] If you got to Chicago by Feby 1st  I would be glad to have you go to N.Y. with me for a few days.  There are some things there I thought you might like to look into, but this is not important.  I have some speaking dates in Jan and early in Feby.  These I had promised but shall not tie myself up with any more.  Any how I am glad you wont need to be tied up any longer.  Just got your letter & Marys.


I bought 50 shares of the Greenebares bank for what I think was a fair price at the time about $335, a share.  The Greenebares are friends of mine and they advised it.  So perhaps you had better send me enough in addition to buy the balance which I owe, about 5000?[.]  If it isnt [?] of course it can be done later.