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Don Ce-Sar Hotel
"On the Gulf Beach"
St. Petersburg, Florida
M. D. Churchill, Mgr.


Dear Paul

     As I wrote you I shall be in Jacksonville at Hotel Washington, Thursday (the 5th ) arriving in the Morning.  Shall speak to the bar association at one oclock and at the Unitarian Church in the evening.  As I am to xxx debate in Atlanta on the  13th  & will be obliged to go there through Jacksonville.  I think we will not come back to St. Petersburgh but stay in and around Jacksonville until I go to Atlanta leaving J. the 12th .  There are a good many interesting places around that part of the state, I wonder if you & Lil can not come over, From xxx Atlanta I will go North by easy stages probably arriving in Chicago about the 15th and will prefere to met
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you  in N.Y. around the middle of May and take the New England trip if that will suit you[.]  Sorry we could not have been together more, but we have done pretty well.  Hope you can come to J. and any how will look for a letter there —