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The Willard

Cable "Wilardotel"

Capitol Hotel Company
Frank M. Hight, Managing Director

Jan 18

Dear Paul

     Have rounded up here for three or four days[.]  Shall be in Princeton the 22d  and Wilmington the 23rd  & then start for home and stay a while.  Will reach home the 25th [.]
     I have been watching the Standard of Indiana[.]  I feel that it is too high, perhaps on account of a contest between Stewart & Rockafeller.  I dont know how you feel about selling[.]  If you think you should then sell mine too 100 shares[.]  If you
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think we should not I will hang on until after the new board is elected.  There are various ways of looking at it as there are about most things in life[.]  I saw by a southern paper that I had been elected a director of the Amalgamated.  If it is true it is OK[.]