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Hôtel Beau-Rivage, Montreux (Suisse)
Ouvert  Toute  L'Annèe

A.-X. Curti.  Dir.-Propr.

June 23rd

Dear Paul

     Just a line to say that we are very well.  Shall be here ten days or so[.]  Then a little time at Interlocken Case Kebs Hotel.  Perhaps if you write soon after getting this you might address me to Interlaken.  I may cable you new address from time to time.  If so if I only mention the city you can address me at American Express.  Also if I send you word any time you had better telephone the office and the home as they might want to send something.  The stock market seems to be doing well.  You may get a chance to sell something[.]

Love to Lil & the kids

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Hôtel Beau-Rivage, Montreux  (Suisse)

     Paul Darrow
        111 W. Jackson St.

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