Jul 4, [1929] From:        To:        
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July 4t

Dear Paul

     The last letter I received from you told about the row you had when Fisher xxx you   fired you.  It is very interesting[.]  I dont know whether you will get along with them or not and I dont know as I care.  I am afraid you are doing to much for what you get and however it comes out you will be so tied up there that you cant get very far.  I have no doubt but you can find something else to do that will pay better and leave you more independent[.]  Still I cant exactly see why you need to stick xxx close to business[.]  It would be fine to come here and stay a year and bring the whole bunch along.  It is a beautiful place to live and much cheaper than the U.S. &  the kids could learn French etc.  We are just about 10 miles from Lausane which has wonderful schools  & is a fine place.  I am wondering whether you are selling any thing I cant get over the idea that you owe too much.  I hope part of the things have reached the selling point.  Of course I can easily sell and you can for me if you think best[.]  Yesterday seemed to be a boon day U.P. went up 242. & Gt Northern [above ?] 113. any way let me know how things are[.]  I dont know when I will be back but will probably stay rather late if every thing is right with you.  Keep on addressing mail to Paris unless I cable or write to you differently[.]  

Love to Lil & the Kidds and your Mother.  I hope your Mother does not worry about the 14th floor any longer ??