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H?tel Beau-Rivage, Montreaux (Suisse)
  Ouvert  Toute  L?Annee

Chauffage Central ? Eau Courante ? Ascenseur ? Bains
Telegrammes:  Beau-Rivage, Montreux    Telephone 25
    A.-X. Curti, Phoph.

Montreux, le July  30th  

Dear Paul

     Next time you write you may send it to London % American Express.  I shall probably reach there about Aug 18th [.]  I have now received three letters from you.  Two forwarded from Interlachen and one from Paris.  Shall go to Interlachen tomorrow.  Am going then to Veere Holland to see Hendrich Van Horn for a few days then over to London from Flushing[.]  Shall stay in London some time and dont know just what I shall do after that, but will keep you posted.  This is a place where I could live for a long time.  Think I have never seen any thing quite so beautiful.  Got Marys letter and was glad to hear from her and know that she can right write.
     Guess you have got rid of your 80 shares B. & O. and hope you have sold something else.  Dont think it is a good time to buy, and would feel easier if you could pay off some substantial amount.  Use any of mine you think best in this.
     I dont think you ought to stay at the bank much longer, Especially if they dont raise your salary.  I have some ideas about what to do when I return.  I really think xxx if you had your time to yourself you could make more money          
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without any position.  Of course you do not need me if things go so you could reduce the indebtedness.  I wish you had more time to travel and see the country and perhaps Europe but we will see to that when we get home[.]
     Please pay the enclosed, I am told by a manufacturer of automobile machinery that Chrysler is to have some new models that and equipment that will beat all of them, and that the stock will go up you can xxx watch out and if you think best cancel the selling order I left but you wont need to do it now[.]

Love to all

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Hôtel Beau-Rivage, Montreux  (Suisse)

Paul  Darrow
5844 Stony Island Av