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Mannheimer  Hoff

Mannheim, Aug  11th
Augusta Anlage 4/8
Fernsprecher-Sammelnummer 355 51
Telegramme: Polasthotel

Dear Paul

     Came here last night and am going down the Rhine tomorrow.  Stop a day in Cologne, then going to Holland for three or four days and then to London.  I may stay in Europe until Nov. or Dec and come back the southern route somehow dont care to hurry back.  If I stay that long will probably need some more money[.]  Dont like to bother you for it, for I am anxious to see you reducing your indebtedness, though about that I may be wrong.  I think you wont need to pay much of my income tax for me on Sept. 1st  As I paid nearly half my years tax.  I think you will find a receipt and statement in the top drawer of my
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desk in the back room where I write in the house.  If you could send me a draft for 500? about Sept 10th  and an other for the same amount about Oct 10th  unless I write you to the contrary that would be enough unless I conclude to stay much longer which I probably shall not do.  I still feel that the market is far to high and that something drastic will happen one of these days.  How is the bank showing up by this time[.]  Unless it looks better I would like to see you out, Which is one reason why I want you to cut your indebtedness.  I think you did right to go in on the reorganization of the Seabond Air line.  On the whole it is safe to go with the hunch and [Florida?] is a [dead?] one for a good many years.  Will write Blanche in a day or xxx two [.]  Have you made up your mind where [?] Jessie will go next year.  I think Wisconsin or Iowa might be best.

With love to all

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My address until further notice is London  c/o American Express[.]