Aug 31, [1929] From:        To:        
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Hotel Metropole
London, W. C. 2.

Gerrard 8121.

Aug 31st

Dear Paul

     Got an other letter from you to day Which had been on a long journey.  Think I told you to address me at American Express ?London   Which you can do at present.  I wrote you some days ago about selling my U.P.  I cant help thinking that we will have a {?} soon and I feel sure that you should reduce indebtedness.  When things go down you will want some money instead of scrambling around to borrow.  It is certain that things cant keep going up forever.  You can sell any thing I have if you think it better to sell mine.  Of course I dont mean to insist that you shall take my advice but I dont like to see you owe so much with every thing so high.  I was interested in what you said about the bank.  I suppose while you are in debt and I am away you dont want to give up a job, but when I get back, I will certainly urge you to quit them.  I dont see a chance there[.]


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Paul  Darrow
111 W. Jackson Boul
U. S. A

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Hotel Metropole,
London, W.C.2.