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Clarence Darrow
Higgins Building
Los Angeles

Jan 1st

Dear Paul

     I think I was too pessimistic when I wrote you last ? Of course there is danger here but I dont believe there is one chance in twenty that they would get me[.]  Even if they try which they might? there is really nothing to it except some suspicious circumstances.  My worry over you was the effect on the business if they did & whether if you could not sell it.  I had [not?] better turn over my stock to you & Jacobs & [?] & have it go out that they owned the control.  I dont want you or the business to suffer.  As for your trouble I know you will feel badly but you know that every step I have taken has been out of devotion to the cause that I have done nothing wrong.
     I have about 9000? here with a chance to get 5000— more if I dont get into serious trouble[.]   Shall make no plans now for the future but will keep you posted.  We have just moved to a little flat & Ruby is doing her own work & all our expenses will be inside 90 a month.  I have been thinking of your mother.  Last month  I sent her 75.  Shall do the same for Dec.  She told me she thought of moving into the house[.]  We can finish paying that (about [600?] ) & then cant?
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she get along on about 50 a month until we are out of the woods or know how we are.  I want to be careful  of money now, & shall do my part.  I should think within an other 30 days I will know whether I shall have to make an other fight for myself.  If I do I think sure I will win, & so do my friends— All the other matters will come out right in time for every thing was right & for the best.  Dont take things too much to heart.  Of course the business is the chief thing & we ought to have enough to make us all comfortable.


Our house address is Ocean Park, Los Angeles Co. Cal.