Nov 18, [1929] From:        To:        
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Hotel Metropole,
London, W. C. 2.

Gerrard  8121.

Nov 18th

Dear Paul

     I am going to Cannes a week from today (American Express.)[.]  I wont bother you so much about the market unless it gets pretty bad.  I feel that things wont change greatly until spring and there will be a good chance to buy.  If you do get caught again and need to sell some of my bonds or any thing else, and take out some of your stuff and keep it for me it will be all right but I wouldnt do much.  If you can get in any thing that will help you reduce I hope you will.  I am sorry you paid the taxes.  It isnt supposed to be done but I think it was all right at that.  If they should send you a bill take it over and see Cronson (in my old office) and he will arrange it.  I think our xxx schedule was attended to last year I sent yours & mine to Mr. [Barrett?] of the board of review telling him what it ought
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to be and I have no doubt that he attended to it but if you hear from it go to Mr. Cronson.  I presume you will attend to my income tax.  I wrote you about this before and assume it is all right.



I would write you a longer letter but I just sent five pages to Mary[.]  How is the Biology class this year.
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London  W. C.
Nov 18
945  AM
1929.  D

Paul  Darrow
111 W Jackson Boul
U. S. A.
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Hotel Metropole,
London, W.C.2.