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Hotel Majestic

Dec 1st.  1929

Dear Paul

     We are settled in a new place.  May stay here for the rest of the time or may go for half of it to N Nice twenty five miles from here or perhaps some of the time to Monte Carlo which is fifteen miles still further.  I was thinking that what I said about sturgess is somewhat Misleading He is a fine fellow honest and our friend.  If you wire asking his judgment on what to buy he would be perfectly honest, and I would rather have it than any of the rest in the office, but he always has the mob psychology like the rest of them.  I got your letter of the 14th yesterday forwarded from London.  You got out pretty well if you are out which I am not sure about, but I dont think I need try to scare you any more you are no doubt scared enough now.  I have a feeling
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that the market is over sold but I wouldnt think of buying.  I would rather get rid of some of my fairly reasonable proposition offered.  Of course I dont know how much you have back of your debts or how liquid it is and I dont care to know.  I am sory you have had to worry I hope you wont be too nervous about it.  If you should loose all you had as I expected you would I would have enough so we could get along with what you can earn, and what I can get without trying, but one doesnt like to loose.  I have felt all the time that I should have been there:  that I shouldnt have left when I knew the condition for I certainly knew better.  But it is all right we will get along.
     I have about $1100. now.  So I wont need any money before the last of Jan. or first of Febry. will keep you posted about it[.]  Dont know but [?] to the bank to often, but have felt as if you might not want me to send the letters to the xxx house.  When I get back I think we will have a chance to make something.