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The Brown Hotel

Broadway at Fourth Ave.
On U.S. Highways  31?60?168
Garage in Connection

Louisville, Ky.,

Rudy H. Buck

Tuesday  pm

Dear Paul

     I havent seen the final market on stocks.  I have thought it over & it seems as if we should stick.  My stocks that can be readily disposed of amount to nearly 70000[.]  This does not count the S.P. that is in your name.  Neither does it count my money in the bank ? Nor any stocks that you bought for me while I was abroad or since my return now in my name.  Nor does it count my equity in stocks that Noyes is carrying nor what is in Rubys name with yours[.]  I dont see how we can possibly loose out unless every one including banks & brokers go broke.  I dont think we need to worry.  I find that I can not get back to Chicago until about 3 P.M Thursday.


C.S D.