Apr 29, [1931] From:        To:        
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Cable Address, Murahill
Telephone Lexington  2-2300

Murray Hill Hotel
Park Avenue, 40th to 41st Streets
New York

B.L.M. Bates,  Proprietor
G.T. Sandalls, Manager

April 29

Dear Paul

     I dont know of any thing new to say[.]  Every one is pretty blue and [disconcerned?].  It looks as if Every one would be broke if it went much further[.]  If you want to use any of those bonds of mine or all, that you have taken out from time to time or any that I bought or stock either do it.  I dont know whether it is wise or not I think it would surely stop before it is all gone but what it would be worth or is now worth I dont know.  I dont see how any body could have foreseen all this, and of course no one did.  I think if I had ready money I would buy but that xxx might be wrong.  All the publishers want my xxx book which I shall finish when I get home.  They all think it will be a good seller and that the serial
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xxx rights will bring a good amount.  I feel sure that I will make some money out of all these things very soon.  I dont want you to get get discouraged over things.  I am inclined to think you can turn it to a good end.  Shall be glad to get back home ? which will be about May 13th leave here the 10th but go Via Birmingham though Ruby will go straight back.