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Alexander Young Hotel


April 5

Dear Paul

     I am afraid things are going pretty bad with you.  To day Atcheson had its slump and B & O down to ten[.]  I dont know as you can hold on or if it would do any good if you did.  I am trying to plan something if it collapses further.  Of course I can give 1st  Natl $10000? or wire as this case is over which will be about May 3rd .  You perhaps have some more money in my account you could [leave?]. I will have four or five thousand beside when I return.  Then of course you can use the bonds.  Dont think the RR stocks are worth bothering with[.]
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Hope I can find some more money when I return.  If when you get this you think you can hold on, wire to me Clarence Darrow Honolulu, All right, The case is getting under way.  I am quite hopeful but not Confident-