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The Willard Hotel

Washington, D.C.

March 10th

Dear Paul

     There has not been much to write about[.]  It took ten days to get the [appointment?] made and we have been pretty busy since getting the machine running.  You will see Mr. Mason before you get this and if you think it worth while to undertake what he has on his mind I shall be glad to see you xxx for a few days and you might enjoy seeing it for a while.  We have been having pretty rough weather but it hasnt been cold.  It looks as if every body in America was on the payroll? which does not give me a very optimistic outlook.  Most every one I ever heard of is coming and few if any are going.  I dont know how much if any thing we can accomplish probably very little if any thing.  The main occupation is spending money[.]  Many of them seem incompetent and extravagant[.]  The whole
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Effort seems to be to find something new to tax.  Still of course there are a lot of people in the country who are not here[.] I guess Washington has always been this way and probably will be so long as so many people are so poor.  It looks like it would be hard for prices to   of commodities to go up, And of course for stocks and bonds to reach any higher level.  I wish I could come back to the [?] to Holly but I dont now see how I can.  You and Lill should go.  I think it would be a good plan for you to go over and see him -  but of course I know he will not forget .  I feel that if you see a good chance to take something else you should do it for things dont look good to me from here.  No one [?] I have seems to have any idea which way we are going or how long any thing will last.  

Love to Lill and the Kids