Feb 4, [1912] From:        To:        
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Law Offices
Darrow, Masters & Wilson,
1202 Ashland Block.

Clarence S. Darrow
Edgar L. Masters
Francis S. Wilson

Feby 4

Dear Paul

     I would guess that the trial would come in about two months.  It looks very favorable, but I will keep you posted.  I really dont see how I can lose? but of course.  And then if I should I have that all settled? somehow I hardly care I know the truth and am satisfied & feel sure that nothing better could happen to me or to you & that it would do more for me & the cause than any thing I could do? and that it would make me almost not pain? then too I would have much time to write? My spirits are bully now? & although in my heart I dont care still expect to win.  Got your letter from Baehr about business[.]  
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It seems to me to be coming on all right.  I hope your assistant wont ask for an other raise[.]  Baehr should tell him his salary is high enough if he does[.]