Feb 27, 1912 From:    Baehr, William A.     To:     
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William A. Baehr
Consulting Engineer
Peoples Gas Building


Feb. 27, 1912.

Mr. Paul E. Darrow,
c/o Greeley Gas & Fuel Company,
Greeley, Colorado.

Dear Paul:--

     I have your letter of February 24th. It did not strike me when I was going over the figures that we would have to pay as high as $550. for both public and employees liability. I had in mind that the total cost would be about $150. and I do not know how I made the mistake in figuring.  In view of the high cost, I suggest that this year we take employees liability only.
     I think this year you might omit Estberg, the book-keeper and yourself if you can get the Insurance Company to agree to same.
     I have the report for January and do not understand why the report should show different on page 1 for the first and third columns.  The first column shows report for the current month and the third column is supposed to show report for the first month of 1912, consequently for the month of January those columns should be the same.
     I think the outlook is now for better times very shortly and Greeley certainly show be prosperous this year if the moisture will only hold.  I am certainly anxious to make a showing so that we can begin to pay preferred dividends next year so that we can help out your father.
     I wish your would address advise me whom to address in connection with ownership and sale of the Fort Collins Gas Company.  I might want to take that matter up shortly and as soon as I have a plan worked out, will let you know.
     One more word about liability.  Next year we may feel like including the total payroll, but if the Travelers will not stand for it, we better include
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P.E.D. #2

all this year.  Furthermore, next year we may feel that we can afford to pay public liability also, because I do not feel that we can take chances on that the moment we feel we can afford to pay the premium.

With kind regards, I am,

Very truly yours,

W A Baehr