Jun 11, 1912 From:    Baehr, William A.     To:     
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William A. Baehr
Consulting Engineer
Peoples Gas Building


June 11, 1912.

Mr. Paul E. Darrow,
c/o Greeley Gas & Fuel Company,
Greeley, Colorado.

Dear Paul:--

     It has been a long time since I heard from you and I was glad to get your letter of June 8th.  I have been very anxious to hear what you had to say in regard to your father's case and judge that the chances are rather in favor of his winning out.  I certainly hope he does and gets the thing off his hands, because he must be pretty well tired and disgusted with the whole situation out there.  
     It does look as though there would finally be a good year for crops around Greeley and I note what you say about rains and irrigation.
     As far as the leakage is concerned, the best thing to do is to bar the mains and if you find leaks, fix them.
     It looks as though the new business probably suffered while you were away in Los Angeles, but certainly it was right for you to go and see your father and I think it must have seemed good for both of you to meet again.
     In regard to making up a sketch for the boiler house for you for Greeley, will say that my men have been extremely busy and I have not been able to get at it.  The matter is on my desk and I hope to clean it up shortly as well as a number of other matters which have been dragging.
     I imagine that you are in no hurry for this any way, because you want to get the finances in good shape.
     I have done nothing further in regard to figuring up a proposition for supplying Northern Colorado, because as I stated, I have been very busy and

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P.E.D. #2

it seems as though I can not get to it.  I am able to say, though, that I am getting certain financial interests lined up and I think when I get ready to put any deals over that I can get the money.
     For that reason it will pay us to keep our eye on the situation up there and if any one else starts to stir around we want to get busy and get busy quick.
     I have always felt that if we could get the Greeley Gas Company to show some fair earnings, we would then have not trouble to get money to extend to Evans and La Salle and then take in Fort Collins and begin to figure on larger fields to conquer.
     My opinion is that this situation should come around by next winter and i will try to come out there again and see if I can not start such a thing at that time.
     In the meantime I hope your are feeling personally well, and that you are feeling good in regard to your father's case.
     With best regards to all, I am,

Yours very truly,

WA Baehr