Sep 29, 1923 From:        To:        
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Darrow, Sissman, Holly & Carlin
1310,140 N.Dearborn St.

Clarence S. Darrow
Peter Sissman
William H. Holly
William L. Carlin

Victor S. Yarros

Central 925
September 29, 1923.

Dear Paul:-

     Enclosed you will find a quit claim deed to you signed by your mother.  Mr. Brownlee was not here so he did not sign, but it is not necessary.  The quit claim deed to her describes the property as being in Koochiching County, but the deed to Henry Budd describes it as being in Itasca County. I have made your deed the same as the quit claim deeds to your mother.  Perhaps this question ought to be investigated to make the title clear.
     Amongst the papers is a notice for taxes and your mother's check for half of the amount for a certain year.  This should all have been paid by the Sheldon Land Co. of Duluth.  I once called on them and they promised to take care of the taxes.  You had better find out if there are any taxes against it.  You can doubtless get this information by writing to the County Clerk of the County where the land is located.
     I am quite sure this property will be valuable some time and I think you had better get the title straightened out.  If you do not succeed, send me word and I will take it up with a lawyer friend of mine in Duluth.
     There are several other papers enclosed and I am sending them all to you.