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Jan. 1 1913

Dear Paul;

   I/thought I would start off the year by sending you a few lines.  So far as accounts are concerned you  do not need to send any.  I like to keep posted in a general way about how things are going but that is enough.  You had better keep what money you have where we could get it quickly if we wanted although I dont expect to use any more now.  The case will begin the 20 and I dont feel the least uneasiness as you say what ever happens we win.  The Indianapolis matter looks tough but it will help move things along and after while they will go fast.  They are figuring that the eastern cases will help them in mine but I dont think there is much in it. I am not much i in favor of extending things there any more than you need to . I doubt whether Evans would pay interest for a long while to come,and no one else can go in there I will keep you posted as any thing happens Love to Lill.