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Wednesday afternoon?January 14?

Dear Paul?

     I have neither time nor anything special to say,?but here's a line anyhow,?before I resume the downtown-trips day after day, for goodness knows how long, this time, eh?I just want to assure you that we both are in excellent condition, and look the part,?and that we don't dread this at all,-but rather regard it with just weariness and wishing that it won't drag along as the other trial did.  And this probably won't, as there's nothing to drag along; everything that could be trailed in was used up for the last siege, and everyone here considers this attempt a worse joke than the other by far, and cannot see how the prosecution will present even a make-believe case this time.  Only the grim ambition to trap your father because of his position toward the labor-men and against their enemy makes "the other side" try, try again, until they can't.  Your father has a slight attack of indigestion just now,? the first for several

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years,?but will be O.K. in a few days I know.  There's been some pain nights to keep him awake part of the time, ?but aside from that he has been sleeping like"a clear conscience" right along,?even coming for afternoon naps some days?and certainly looks rested and untroubled.  There'll be no such nervous strain again for either of us, I feel sure.  We are better prepared to take this calmly having such an intimate acquaintance now with what the other side hasn't framed up,and can't do, and never had, even in their own minds.  I think you can safely put your guest-chamber into readiness for us before long!  I hear that a postal picture of your offspring arrived, but it got lost on the way home somehow, so I didn't see it,? and when I asked D-- what they look like he answered - "Why,?just like all kids."  So that makes it all right and I have a perfect picture of them every time I look down onto the pavement when the afternoon-baby-parade goes by.  I hope you-all keep well and are having happy times together. Write often hereafter whether we do or not.  We shall probably be absorbed in our affair here until it is finished, now.  Much love to you and Lil always from