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Gerrard 8121

Hotel Metropole,

London, W. C. 2.

November 21 —

Dear Darrows : —

This excellent news has just done all it can for our feelings and Grandp' agrees with me that you-all may enjoy it, too, — having been in confidences of all on our side of the situation so long, etc.

It is like manna from — well, whereever manna would come from, say.  F— must feel like one released from behind a cage, and being born again and a bad tooth out, and all the other old-fashioned similes.  The Bowen Tufts probably will help a lot to develop F—'s effort into success — and to remain in the familiar environment with the fine friends there will mean a great deal to all of the H—s, of course.

Here's hoping for better and better word from now on.  D— and I both feel great faith in F— if he has half a chance, as doubtless has.

We think "little Blanchie" is very unselfish to shirk studying evenings, so that she won't be too much smarter than her two younger sisters.  Think how jealous they'd be.  She has such thirst for foreign languages, and probably has most of them all learned up by this time, so am sending her a piece of Gaelic (that's not Garlic-) to try on her appetite for her bed-time feast.  When she doesn't need the easy lesson that I brought from Dublin any longer she can paste this paragraph onto the end of the column and send it to Mary so she can see how much quicker she can do it; you can see yourselves.  Much love to all you Greeley girls and all your parents from

Aun Truby —
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To The Paul Darrows
5844 Stony Island Avenue

U. S. A.
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Hotel Metropol
London, W. C. 2.