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The Willard

Dear Paul

     Your father asks me to send the enclosed.--The situation is more or less shaky-- (confidentially) and it won't surprise any here if suddenly discontinued!  When F.D.R.--the friend of the farmer--returns from the holiday with Astor—So-let's not feel too rich too far ahead.

[April 7, 1934]
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We easily may be enjoying "chickens today and feathers tomorrow"—and a long dry summer ahead.—George Whitehead was here the other day— & C.D. & he agreed that the lecture game is deader'n a doornail etc. for this year? and G.W. ? about has to go back to The Fair in Chicago?  to tide through?  so "father" pensively said to Charles E. Russell? "Well, ? maybe we can't go to Europe again? so soon"?  Somehow, he seems to want to go "once more" as he states it. ?  au revoir? & good wishes ?