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Dear Paul :—

     It was such a surprise to hear that you had been approached about making a movie, first I'd learned of that, when you were here lately.  It has made me so wary about that outfit,? now feeling that probably not intending to take any "No" for answer,- and with the wise advising and hatching ways and means, by Stone's "Pop"-, Maurice Berkson,-- knowing how to get around the legal obstacles,--they'll not easily abondon picking that plum, I fear.  As for letting you see the script, between author, script-writer, producer, accustomed to side-tracking objections, with plenty means for fighting them aside, able to wait till successful,-- applying Kroch's statement about rights for publicity about people no longer living. They'd dare to sell the script to producers, putting themselves under contracts,-- leading to tedious litigation if you'd demand honoring your stipulation that they'd let you see the script before going ahead.  That entire lot are hard-boiled and unscrupulous if given the whip in advance.  So, have set down facts that you might care to put with your papers,-to check with, in case a sudden fresh effort is sensed, or announced.  There have been several articles in Los A- papers stating that Stone is making a movie of C.D., sent to me, but which I disregarded, thinking advertising the idea to awaken interest and requests for it.  Sending you a complete copy of one edition; have two more of same if you think should be in your possession to show the plan-- to foist another "dramatized" distorted version of a C. D. that wasn't so, with "the dirt" dumped in for filling the box-office.  No amount of money would make me consider teaming with them. Better save newspaper and facts and keys I've carefully stated if needed.
Sincerely, with the appreciation of
Ruby H.D.
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