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Darrow, Baily & Sissman
1202 Ashland Block

Clarence S. Darrow
Jacob L. Baily
Peter Sissman

Central    925
Automatic  44-139

Dear Paul

     Enclosed is copy of letter I am sending Vogel.  Perhaps you better talk with him about fees.
     I think you had better leave the certificates without endorsement[.]  If any thing should happen to you, we could [unravel ?] it all right.  I am sorry to say I have not changed my stock situation[.]  Should have sold [?] & still it looks good to me & holds better than most of them[.]  Dont believe things will go much lower.  I have 50 shares of Brazilian not up & if I am called on for more inquiries I will put that up & if I need more may wire you.  I have not been getting as much money this year but think I have some in sight.  Will surely see about the bond matter the first of the week, & write you in full.  Am going to St  Louis tonight

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on business return Monday.  I wrote Jacobs about getting that [?] school job for Francis of L.A. he is here & would like the job[.]  Talk with them & let me know at once if you think it might be landed.  They couldnt possibly get any one else as good[.]  How were your Jan sales?