May 3, 1917 From:        To:     
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Cable Address  'Auditorium'

Auditorium Hotel
Michigan Boulevard and Congress Street

J.J. Calvey,

May 3rd  1917

Dear Paul

     Your mother will be at LaSalle at 1:25 P.M. Wednesday (the 6th ) better arrange to meet her.
     I xxx have not bought any more stock & will not.  What do you think about when to sell.  I think you know more about stocks than I do.  I feel that they are all going higher but I suppose we all feel that way when we have them.  Of course I want to reduce them at the high point[.]  It seems to me Coppers ought to do better, but I don't know much about
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Chilli.  I suppose I dont know much about the others either.  You have probably seen the report that xxx Anaconda is getting the control of  [?] what effect do you think that will have?
Will sure come in July.