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6260 Jackson Park Ave. Chicago

May 23d 1911

My dear Paul

     Your letter from that always-sober never-broke town of Greeley of May 8th came safely to hand as well as the one of same date to your aunt Jennie enclosing the $60:00 draft receipt for which is herewith sent and I have seen to it that the note too has been endorsed with the amount. I have gotten my discharge as executor so hereafter the business will belong to Jennie to manage for herself.  As regards making the payment of interest half-yearly instead of yearly, I think that would be better for her as then it will be on the same footing as the bonds as to interest.
     As you spoke of being surprised that the $1000-- note was outstanding I might say that when I sent the money from the estate my understanding was that it was to be put into a thousand dollars worth of bonds as soon as those of the reorganized gas company were issued.  But your father told me soon afterward that the need for taking care of the lot you had purchased was more pressing and hence it had been applied that way.  I saw that he could not issue bonds to cover it without advancing the money itself as it was not a gas company investment.  So we let it go along as a loan to be paid when needed and when finally i spoke to your father about how to treat it as I was ready to turn the estate over, he seemed to think you could manage the interest and that you would like to let it run along longer if your aunt Jennie did not need it and so it is left that way.
     I am glad that you got along so well with our building and that you are ax at once making a fair interest in the investment.
     Your father started for Los Angeles Saturday at 7 P.M as you have doubtless heard.  I cancelled yesterday his steamer reservations which caused me a good deal of sorrow as I had hoped he would get to Europe for a fine

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period of rest and recreation this summer and fall.  He says however that whenever the case is finished he will go to Europe directly before he settles down again.  But that may be a long way off.
     I suppose your mother is just about starting home as I understand her ticket will expire Saturday.  So I will be liable to hear all about you and yours by word of mouth very soon.
     I am very sorry that we cannot see you for a year or two yet but such I suppose must be the case.  We are trying to get off a little earlier now as your father is not going but that will depend on somebody giving up his stateroom on an earlier boat (as your father did).  This is not very likely to happen.  If a vacancy should occur on the Caronia July 1st, we have spoken for it.  Otherwise it stands for the 12th.  Karl very well.  He would like some more meetings of the "Cardiac Club".
    As to the old bonds of the gas company, I am glad as I don't doubt you are that the holders consider them a good investment and do not want less than par for them.  It helps establish the belief in the solidity of the investment.  They have so short a time now to run that they ought to hold up except in cases where a man feels that he must get the cash and cannot wait.
     With best wishes for yourself, the lady of the house and the still younger lady

Your uncle Everett.