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43 Hohenstanfen Str.
Berlin W. 30.

June 14 -- 1908

Dear Paul

     Three or four days after your letter and after my reply to you was mailed, we received the letter of Griffes.  We were much encouraged by its perusal and anxiously hope he is right in his impression of the case.
     The details come along with provoking slowness the last we have got being details of June 3d — the involving of Harrimann in it and the summoning of the erector's representative for contempt of court.  We follow everything most closely but there is no use of expressing an opinion until the evidence is all in or at least until more of your father's side has been presented.
     Last week we were in the Spreewald, some 50 miles Southwest of Berlin through which flows the rive Spree.  the district is some 35 miles long and from a half mile to five miles broad.  Here the Spree separates into some 200 or so little channels of canals something like the delta at the mouth of the Mississippi for example.  All is flat and it is partially used for pasture land and partly covered with forest.  Some of the villages like [Lehde ?] where we stayed overnight can only be reached by boat.
     Everything throughout the district in the way of transportation is managed by boat & canal
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children go to school & people to church in boats all their crops so carried to w market — hay, ( rye wood, garden stuff etc. etc.  It was a unique and fascinating experience to travel about in a rowboat as we did & I send you some picture cards of it as it is so much of the ordinary.  The inhabitants are descended from the Wends (on Russian-polish stock) who were overcome by the Germans about the 12th century.  Especially the women wear peculiar costumes as you see and are as handy with a boat as the men —