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Law Offices

Darrow, Masters & Wilson
1202 Ashland Block,

Clarence S. Darrow, Edgar L. Masters, Francis S. Wilson


Dear Mr Lutz

Enclosed find check for $197 14/$100 which I figure will pay the interest on fathers notes to May 1st, as follows:

Interest on $ 47,968 to May 1, 1907 - 239.84
  "      "  $  1 000  " Apr. 14,     2.34
Deduct interest on Sharp note       47  
Interest on $ 195.18 to June 1, 1907  .98
"        "    196.18 "  July 1, 1907  .98

I think the $1000 was sent by father on Apr 14 and all the interest was paid to the 1st of April. If this is not right we will straighten it up later.  I think you would better cancel the $1000 note of Mar 13, 1907 and send it up with the old cancelled notes.

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     I saw Mr Brown (John G) today and he said if we were 10 or 15 days late with the installment it would make no difference, but I am trusting in you and in God (but more in you than in God) to take care of father's & my installment.
     Mr Brown said they had about 117 men in the mine now the largest number they have had for quite a while.
     I am going to New York tonight to see Evans, the gas engineer but will return in a few days.

Paul E. Darrow.
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Bank of Gardner

Established 1877

J.C. Lutz Prop.
F.L. Root, Cashier
D.I. Lutz, Asst. Cashier

Apl 1/07Note2968.00End, Feby 5/081000.???
"Note12000.00end Dec 5/073387.50
Int592.77Mar 2/081931 25
Int650.00   8000.00
Aug 10/071500 00
Sept 3/07Note1000.00
Oct 1/07Note2.31
$37629.95Mar 2/08
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There is as Collateral to secure the Darrow Notes, Janry./09, Certificates c/o 13644, 26 sh [B ?] Mt. the above was left from 800 shares after delivering 774 shares Mrs Jessie O Darrow ? also 3786 shares, [B  ?] Mt at Com x National and Certificate x 260.  38 shares Bank of America