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Bank of Gardner

Established 1887
J.C. Lutz, Proprietor

F.L. Root, Cashier
R.L. Lutz, Asst. Cashier

July 3d, 1907

Friend Paul

     I herewith enclose Notes of your father Cancelled as follows ? 253125  147500  250000 500000  500000  125000  343800  10,00000  80000  The latter Note you will notice is only a Memorandum note ? I dont think it was ever signed but if it was it has been lost, at any rate, I never sold it ?  Perhaps because I thought no one would buy it but it was given for Gertie (I think) However if the original, if there was is one, ever turns up you will have the Memorandum to show you paid it to me
I have endorsed all the notes I have against your father (296800  1200000  1300000  2000000  Interest paid to May 1st 1907.  I also enclosed the note for 100000 dated Mar 13/07 marked "paid"  I will look up your Matters and get out a statement and try to see you before you leave for Greeley.  I am sorry to
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have to inform you that the Coupons of the Mendota Gas Bonds have been returned unpaid "for the want of funds"
     I am quite anxious to see you before you leave for Greeley as I want to tell you a few things Mr John G Brown said about Mr. Adams
     I expect to be in Chicago same day the latter part of that week to meet Mr Mansen.  Pres of the Cal Cadaverous?
     If Mr Brown is correct, Cadaverous is a proper name for the Company ?


J. C. Lutz