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Dealership in General Merchandise
Gardner, Ill.

July 6th 1907

Friend Paul

     Yours of yesterday received ? I looked up the Note for 100000 and find that it was paid by giving a new one and one years interest and I return it marked paid ? I should have marked it "paid" when the new one was given but instead I marked on the new note for 160  106000 that it was given for the Note of 100000
     I think your figures are correct and that you owe me on notes $5975.39 to July 1st and 30000 paid on Black Mountain ? We will make new Notes in such amounts as you prefer and I will surrender all the old Notes?  I will be in the city some time next week (and will try to see you ? I am waiting to hear from McAdams before coming


J.C. Lutz