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Bank of Gardner

Established 1887
J.C. Lutz, Prop.

F.L. Root, Cashier
R.I. Lutz, Asst. Cashier

Sept 5th 1907

Friend Paul

     I enclose Coupon of Gas Bond ?  They have been paid and you can do with them as you think best
     I think Paul Brown is a good deal worried about the Cadaver —  First we have a serious proposition in Mansen, but he thinks that can be remade all right, Second, while he believes Adams is honest, he thinks he is not competent to run a Corporation and I am of the same opinion ? A good deal of the trouble can, be traced directly to Adams ignorance of business methods ? and yet Adams either thinks he knows, or else he wants to impress upon others his great knowledge of business ? I think Adams is honest


J.C. Lutz
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Cancelled Notes
for Lutz
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After 5 days, return to
J.C. Lutz & Co.
Gardner, Ill.

Sep 8  ?

Mr Paul E Darrow