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Bank of Gardner

Established 1887
J.C. Lutz, Proprietor

F.L. Root, Cashier
R.I. Lutz, Asst. Cashier

Dec 30/07

Friend Paul

     I was in Chicago today and learned that Saturdays papers stated that your father had gone to Los Angelos and had given up the Case ? I am sorry he had to do so, but glad that he has done it ? I suppose he will have the operation performed at once — I hope he will not delay so that he can come back here and help me out ? I feel confident if he was here, I could get some help ? I hope he will come back as soon as possible ? I know it is more pleasant in California in the winter than in Chicago, but it is torture for me here now ?  If your father does not come back here, as soon as he possibly can, I shall feel that I have been deserted by my best friend ?  I am sure he will not do that ?
     If I have to suspend, you nor your father will ever see me alive again ? My depositors will be paid in full but I will not be here.

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I could not bear to explain to them, what I had done with their money ?
Possibly he may have written to me before he left Boise, telling me where to write him ? If he has done so, I have not had time yet to get the letter —  If he writes you let me know ?  Mr Harper telegraphed me that he had sent me 500000 he had sent me 1900000 before and this would make 2400000 but when I returned today from Chicago, I found his letter, he did not send it, but asked me to send him security ?
     I can not, and do not blame him ?  But it makes me feel very blue ? I will send him collateral
     Blk Mountain is about the same stocks went up Friday, declined Saturday but to day they have nearly recovered Saturdays loss ? Write me


J.C. Lutz