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Darrow & Sissman
1310, 140 N. Dearborn St.

Clarence S. Darrow
Peter Sissman
Victor S. Yarros
William L. Carlin

Central    925
Automatic  44-139

Dear Paul

     Since Aug. 10th  I have given  N. & J. 4500? of this I borrowed 1500? $1000 of  [?] & 500 of Sissman[.]  Have kept all stocks except yours & mine[.]   S.P. will send you statements the first of the month.  I felt as if we had better not sell.  The market has already improved some & I feel that it can not be much worse.  You look over yours & mine & if you specially think we ought to sell any let me know what & your reason.  I have 200 B.&O. Common  100 [?] 100 Kennicott? 100 Chilli  100 Sea Board Air line bonds 100 Brazillian Traction.  I am very busy on Healey case.  Looks as if it will take until Christmas[.]  Got $1000? retainer & $100 a day so I am doing
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all right.  Am also making a good many speeches around here cant get away[.]  Am not taking any thing for speeches but if I make a xxx tour after case is over will then get paid.  Have not had a chance to see about sale of Gas plant but think we could do it.  I believe things will be looking much better financially by next summer.  Still they may not.  Speech tomorrow at [?]