Dec 9, [1917] From:        To:        
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Darrow & Sissman
140 N. Dearborn St.

Clarence S. Darrow
Peter Sissman
Victor S. Yarros
William L. Carlin

Central    925
Automatic  44-139

Dec 9

Dear Paul

     Got your statement a few days ago and am glad to see the healthy growth of business.  Of course I know it is hard to make much money now & dont expect it, but I believe it will come all right when the war is over or when there is a change of rates. Any how you are certainly showing  a good gain[.]  Send me [?] as soon as it is out.  Mr. Bylsbee sent me the report of his man from Pueblo and it was a mighty good one.  Good for the town & the business.  He says you have a real [?] gas plant? finely managed & that it will show good profits soon.  He says the plant & the management are both popular & that it will earn them handsome profits.  I will send it to you but am writing from the house & it is at the office[.]  Byllsbee is no doubt having difficulties of his own & does not seem inclined to buy, but feels that it is O.K. and I know if we ever needed
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help I could now get it of him & others, but I am inclined to think it is all right to keep except that I would like to have you in something bigger & nearer here.  I expect to go to N.Y. after the case is finished & shall talk with Dougherty about it.  Am now in good time with him.  I have a call to speak at Independence Kansas the middle of Feby & if I accept it will postpone going to Greeley until then if not shall go soon after the case is over which will be about Jan 15.  Dont know how I will come out am getting some surprises & [jolts?] & [didnt?] get my pay as was promised or perhaps will not get at all (probably not) so far have only had 2000? out of it[.]  Still my receipts have been [?] since July 1st xxx to Dec. 1st  have received net  6500?[.]  Have done a great deal of War speaking[.]  Am called for every where & by all kinds of people from preachers & bankers & Governors up to working men & burglars.  Could get money but have not yet taken it.  If I conclude to spend a month or two after this case in speaking, shall have to take money for it & will be
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willing to.  Am not able to send you any money yet— Have not paid what I borrowed to take care of stocks but will get it finished by the first of the year I think.  The National Security League are publishing one of my speeches in pamphlet for general circulation will send you some when they are ready soon.  Any how I am coming out soon.

Love to all