Dec 22, [1917?] From:        To:        
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Darrow & Sissman
140 N. Dearborn St.

Clarence S. Darrow
Peter Sissman
Victor S. Yarros
William L. Carlin

Central   925
Automatic   44-139

Dec. 22

Dear Paul

     Here is the kind of a D  -  n  fool I have been.  A friend of mine who knows had word direct from Gugenheim xxx who is a relative, about the supposed copper merger.  So [?] that I bought 100 Chillie at 35? 100 Kenicot at [64?]  100 Kennicot at 62.  So you see, Kennicott is paying .06% with the same talk of extras or other Chillie has never paid? Both Gugenheim properties? Both were soon to go clear up? they went up a minute then down? D  -  n  fast  1st   the Merger was held up.  Next Germanys proposal badly[?]  Wilsons  D  -  n fool  letter with [?] D -  n  [foolish ? ] statement [.]  Any how I have xxx held on.  Have put in $2000? of [?]
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which I did not borrow given $500 more that I want on a team of Rochester Mines? through a  friend?  would have kept it only for this? Put in your $2000? to my acct.  May have to put in some more & may need to draw on you but it certainly is out of great danger.  My friend has investigated from head quarters & they tell him it will be all right & to hold.  He has some bought the same way.  I think it ought to be good but any how I dont believe it should be sold now.  I sold 100 S.P.  annual 99?  when I bought this & if the market does well I will get out of some B.& O.  and then once more I am going to quit forever.  I think we both should & this time I will stay sworn off.  Am a little disappointed in your rev.  What is the matter of xxx  [?] it seems as if it should be going down xxx instead of up[.]
     Baehr thinks that 40% of stock is about the limit says
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if you can get it around that he will go at it right away & would also figure to take them both & give you something better.  I somehow fear getting any greater obligations,  would like to be getting something back but whatever you want to do goes[.]  Let me know if you would not endorse holding the copper stocks.